After all the researching, including how it works, now I wanna share it with you at the 3rd day of my Grapefruit Diet. there are many different weight loss diets. even if you search "grapefruit diet", you'll still see different sayings that are basically conflicting. so the aim of this article, is to know more about this grapefruit diet in a bio chemical way. when you actually know how it works, you can judge the rumors yourself.

搜集過有關資料, 包括佢運作原理, 可食及不可食等, 現在西柚減肥法第3日, 想同大家分享下心得, 同埋減肥中都可以食既野, 至於可食的甜品, 還在極力研究中.

坊間一直流傳好多不同的減肥法, 單係西柚減肥法, 也有好多相矛盾的細節, 所以, 呢篇文章主要目的, 就是透過深入了解其化學原理, 自己判斷哪些是謬誤, 哪些是對的.




Basically, in this grapefruit diet, you'll have to have half a grapefruit(or equivelant amount of sugar free grapefruit juice) with your food every meal. you cannot eat any carbohydrates, including starch and sugar. given that the daily intake of total calories not more than 800(which is really harsh), you should be able to lose fat(varies on different individuals. please consult your doctor).

if you wannt know how it works, first you have to know how your body consumes energy.

A normal person obtain energy from burning sugar, mainly in the sugar in the blood stream(sucrose). So, if you don't intake enough sugar, the body will start to use the "backup energy", which is fat.

基本上, 呢個減肥係每餐食半個西柚(或同等份量的西柚汁), 同埋唔可以食碳水化合物, 包括糖及澱粉質, 而你每日卡路里總攝取量低於800的話(其實好高難度的), 應該可以減去脂肪的(根據體質有所調節, 請諮詢醫生)

要明白個減肥原理, 先要明白你個身體消化同能量既關係.

一個正常人, 日常活動透過燃燒糖份來提供能量, 如果所吸收糖份唔足夠提供所有能量, 咁身體就會動用後備儲備 -- 脂肪.

 Grape fruit diet recipe

Breakfast: 2 bacon strips, 2 eggs, half a grapefruit(or grapefruit juice without added sugar)

Lunch: Any kind of meat, red/green vegetables, sauce(try to avoid the sauce that contains sugar or starch. you may not notice, many of them actually do.)

Dinner: Any kind of meat, red/green vegetables, sauce(try to avoid the sauce that contains sugar or starch. you may not notice, many of them actually do.)


早餐: 2片煙肉, 2隻蛋, 半個西柚 (或無糖西柚汁)

午餐: 任何肉類、紅/綠蔬菜、醬汁 (不可有糖或澱粉質, 所以留意盡量避開高糖份的醬, 也有好多也加入了麵粉作為固定的, 睇清楚成份表, 及營養成份表, 若高糖高粉的話, 避開吧.)

晚餐: 任何肉類、紅/綠蔬菜、醬汁 (不可有糖或澱粉質, 所以留意盡量避開高糖份的醬, 也有好多也加入了麵粉作為固定的, 睇清楚成份表, 及營養成份表, 若高糖高粉的話, 避開吧.)


You can cook the bacon in any way. the picture above is with well done eggs. and i also added some mushrooms .

Or you can make the eggs runny and sunny:

煙肉點煮都可以, 上圖係全熟煎蛋, 也加入了磨菇 ~



How grapefruit diet works

basically the there are 2 main rationales behind.

Rationale 1: Grapefruit helps the fat burning. Grapefruit contains naringin, which is metabolized to maringenin. It's not just only an antioxidant, it also promotes carbohydrate metabolism. before i can find any other official research report and documentations, this is the most sounding explanation i can come up with.

Rationale 2: The sudden cut down in carbohydrate intake forces the body to burn fat as energy. This explanation is very hard to overthrow. Daily activities require burning sugar to provide energy. a sudden cut down on the intake of it forces the body to burn fat instead. so if you follow the diet strictly, logically you body will HAVE TO burn fat.


原理上, 呢個減肥法分為2大部份.

原理1: 西柚有助燒脂: 西柚含有naringin, 可以經新陳代謝轉化為naringenin, 而naringenin除左抗氧化之外, 有幫助碳水化合物新陳代謝既作用. 係正式研究報告搵到之前, 呢個係暫時我綜合到的 "點解西柚可以有助燒脂" 既最合理解釋.

原理2: 突然降低糖份吸收量, 令身體進入燃燒脂肪狀態: 呢個原理一好簡單, 睇來睇去都好難唔成立. 日常活動透過燃燒糖份來提供能量, 如果你突然停止進食糖份, 身體唔夠糖去提供能量, 就會動用後備儲備 -- 脂肪. 所以如果你戒糖戒澱粉戒得嚴格的話, 基本上你身體係必需要燃燒脂肪的.


Therefore, this grapefruit diet is one of the "low carbohydrate diets", or call it "low carb diet". grapefruit is just a promoter. you can still lose weight even without the grapefruit. oppositely, if you eat grapefruit and keep eating lots of sugar and starch, it is still very hard to lose weight, althought you'll still be losing a tiny bit of weight.

所以呢個所謂"西柚減肥法", 其實係其中一種 "低碳水化合物減肥法", 簡稱低碳法, 西柚只係一個幫助, 無左西柚都會減到, 但你不停繼續食糖食粉的話, 你食幾多西柚都無用. 可能西柚都會幫你減到少少, 只係好少.


so the saying of "you can eat anything just except starch" is false.

坊間流傳的 "除澱粉質乜都食得", 其實係有謬誤的.


 Grapefruit diet common mistakes and misunderstandings:

Misunderstanding 1, you can eat anything just except starch.

- this grapefruit diet is basically a low carb diet. other than starch, sugar is also one of the carbohydrates. so, NO SUGAR OR STARCH. it's meaningless if you cut down starch but keep eating sweets.



- Carbohydrate is chemically Cm(H2O)n, where "m" can be any number and "n" can be another any number. it is any chemically combined compound consists of Carbon and H2O (as in water).

- Starch is  [C6(H10O5)]n, 6 carbon + 5 H2O (H 10 O 5), it categorizes as one of the carbohydrates. that is why if you can't eat carb, you can't eat starch.

- Sugar is C6(H12O6), 6 carbon + 6 H2O, the H2O is in 6 times, but the ratio of H:O is still 2:1, it is also one of the carbohydrates!

- Glucose is the main sugar in blood stream, for our daily energy. that's why when we go hiking and we're tired or fatique, eating a candy or glucose drop is the most efficient, effective and helpful way to resotre energy level.

- Table sugar, is a type of Sucrose, it is what we normally use in cooking and dessert. it is chemically C12(H22O11), 12 carbon + 11 H2O, and so this is also one of the carbohydrates!



- in the low-carb diet, both starch and sugar are recommended to avoid. NOT JUST STARCH!

Misunderstanding 2, eat more fruits.

- Fruits contain fructose, C6H12O6, one of the carbohydrates in the form of sugar. so, no.

- The sweeter the fruit is, the more sugar it contains. even in other diets, not all fruits are recommended. Watermelon, mango, banana, grapes, they're all full of sugar. if you want fiber, eat green/red vegetables!


Misunderstanding 3, drink skim milk or fat free milk.

- emphasising again, this diet is focusing on the low carb intake. fat free milk is fat free, the sugar content is still exactly the same. its natural sugar content is only 4.8g in 100g, even lower than that of grapefruit (8.41g). it's almost half of it. so if you want to have milk, skim milk or full milk doesn't make a difference in this diet. of course it'll be better if you can find sugar free milk. but i don't think it's very popular as the natural sugar content isn't really that high.


Misunderstanding 4, you can eat 'fat free" product.

- many people "logically" think of fat free product when they think of diet. mind you again, this diet is a low carb diet, that focuses on low carb, low fat DOESN'T MEAN low carb. if you keep eating food that is fat free but not sugar free, in this diet, there's no point.


Misunderstanding 5, there's no sugar in grapefruit itself.

- There is sugar in grapefruit.

- In every 100g of grapefruit, there's 7.31g of sugar. Plus carbohydrates in other form, the total carbohydrate content is 8.41g. it's actually even more than cream or milk.


謬誤1. 只係唔可以食澱粉質, 其餘咩都食得.

- 其實呢個減肥法正式來講係低碳水化合物減肥法, 除左澱粉質之外, 糖亦係其中一種碳水化物物, 兩者都唔食得. 所以如果你戒食麵包但不停食糖, 都係無用的.



- 碳水化合物係Cm(H2O)n, m可以係任何數字, n係另一個任何數字, 即係任何份量的炭 Carbon, 同任何比例既H2O 既化學合成物.

- 澱粉質 starch, 化學上係 [C6(H10O5)]n, 6份carbon + 5份 H2O(水), 符合左碳水化合物程式Cm(H2O)n, 所以係唔食得碳水化合物的減肥法裡面, 自然就唔可以食澱粉質了.

- 至於糖份, 血糖裡面的糖係葡萄糖 glucose, 化學上係 C6(H12O6), 6個Carbon + 6份水, 裡面的H2O(水)乘了6倍, 但H同O的比例仍然係2:1, 仍然係其中一種碳水化合物Cm(H2O)n 啊~

- 所以, 葡萄糖 glucose , 即是血糖, 都係碳水化合物的其中一款. 身體要燃燒來提供日常能量的就是血糖, 所以行山唔夠能量, 食粒葡萄糖就是最有效直接同快捷的補充血糖方法!

- 砂糖, 亦係蔗糖 sucrose 的一種, 平時煮食物或者甜品最常用的糖, 化學上係C12(H22O11), 12份carbon + 11份H2O(水), 佢都係碳水化合物的一種~



係"低碳水化合物減肥法"裡面, 澱粉質 及 糖份, 兩者都唔建議食的, 絕對唔係只係澱粉質!

謬誤2: 多食生果.

- 生果含有大量果糖 Fructose, C6H12O6, 所以亦係碳水化合物一種, 上面解釋左咁多, 明啦?

- 越甜的生果越多果糖. 就算其他非低碳減肥法, 亦唔係咩生果都建議食的, 大家要注意. 西瓜, 芒果, 椰青, 桃, 提子(葡萄, 充滿糖的)等生果, 糖份係極極極高, 低碳期間絕對不可食, 大家要纖維的話, 請食紅/綠蔬菜!


謬誤3: 飲脫脂奶.

- 再強調, 低碳法重點係減碳水化合物, 包活糖同埋澱粉質; 話明脫脂奶, 脫左既係脂肪, 糖份同全脂奶係一樣的. 但其實佢的天然糖份, 每100克裡面, 只有4.8克總碳水化合物量, 比西柚的 8.41 克還要低, 基乎是一半, 所以如果你要飲的話, 飲全脂或脫脂係呢個減肥法是無分別的. 當然你搵到脫糖的就更好啦, 但由於奶本身糖份都唔高, 市面上其實應該是無"脫糖奶"的.

- 如果你搜尋一下 "西柚減肥法" 及 奶, 會找到好多非正式的討論, 告訴你 "飲脫脂奶就無問題" 的說法, 但如果你明白上述化學原理, 你就會知道呢個坊間說法是個謬誤.


謬誤4: 可以食"脫脂產品"

- 看了好多不同的討論區, 一般人 "自然地" 都會覺得, "減肥中, 食脫脂產品就無問題", 所以我要不斷強調, 脫脂產品係脫了脂肪, 不一定脫了糖, 這個減肥法, 要避開的重點是 碳水化合物, 不是脂肪. 如果你食脫脂但含糖量仍然高的產品, 可以話是無用.


謬誤5: 西柚本身無糖

- 西柚是有糖的.

- 西柚含糖量是每100克裡面有7.31克, 加上其他碳水化合物, 總碳水化合物量有8.41克, 其實比鮮奶及忌廉還要高.

Of course, if you normally eat a lot of sugar, it's already a cut down of carb if you don't eat starch. then, even if you're not entirely cutting down carbohydrates, you'll still lose weight from the decreasing intake of total carbohydrates.

when i tried this method couple of years ago, i haven't done this many researches, and i only knew i couldn't eat starch (and i did eat other sweets and fruits), and i still lost some weight. this time, with this strictly low carb diet, it's losing weight even faster (i can feel the long pants getting looser).

Remember, this is a low carb diet, which is a reduction in intake of total carbohydrates. so you can reduce the intake of starch but eat a lot more fruits instead. fruits contain a lot of sugar. and that's why fruits are not allowed either in this diet.

當然, 如果你話你平時食好多糖份的, 你唔食澱粉質已經減左好多, 咁你就算唔係完全戒碳水化合物, 當然原理上亦都係會減到肥的, 因為始終都是吸收少左嘛.

我以前用呢個減肥法的時候, 無做咁多研究同資料搜集, 亦係只知道要減澱粉質無減糖(當時我有食生果), 都係減到的, 但係, 今次極嚴格控制, 就減得非常快 (第3日已經感覺到長褲鬆左了).

不過, 因為呢個減肥法原理係減去 總碳水化合物 吸收量, 所以你又唔可以 "戒飯, 但又食番好多生果", 咁係唔得的! 原因係上述謬誤2已解釋. 平時一般的減肥法都會叫你食生果, 但呢個減肥法唔同, 你要減食的, 記住, 是碳水化合物 包括 澱粉質 和 糖! 而生果係有好高糖份的, 特別係好甜的生果, 所以呢個減肥法, 亦係唔可以食生果的.


Therefore, you can't eat anything that contains starch or sugar. you can eat as much other food as you want. of course if you eat less total food you'll lose weight even faster (except breakfast). you HAVE TO eat breakfast in this diet because it helps starting the metabolism earlier during the day. it makes the body think "there's food i've got to digest. i've to start working now!"

所以呢, 含有糖 或 澱粉質的你都唔可以食, 其餘的食幾多都無問題, 但當然你食少的話會瘦得更快(早餐除外), 早餐一定要食, 因為食左早餐身體就會快點 "醒覺" "今日要開始工作", 加速 新陳代謝.


and so that is why, in this diet, you don't have to reduce the intake of fat. and to a certain extent, it gives your body a message of "eaten something heavy. have to work even harder to digest it." the 2 bacons in the breakfast are chosen partly due to this reason. so you can't eliminate the bacon. it's different from normal "low fat diets". but of course i'm not saying you should eat 10 times more! or else it may instead give your own body a message "it's too much to digest, i give up." if you eat too much in this diet, you'll still gain weight in the same way how you normally gain weight.

呢個減呢法, 脂肪量係唔需要減食的, 而且某程度上係俾到個訊息身體: "你食了好沉重的東西, 請加倍努力消化", 早餐的2片煙肉, 其中原理就是呢個, 所以不可以減的, 與一般 "低卡減肥法" 減食呢類高脂食品原理並不相同. 但當然唔係叫你食多10倍啦! 否則身體可能會出現一個訊息: "多到我消化唔到了, byebye." 食得太多, 就同一般致肥原因一樣!

ok... so what else can you eat?

you can still eat ALL KINDS OF MEAT!

eg. fresh salmon sashimi:

好喇.. 咁多野唔食得, 咁仲有咩好食呢?




Other than obvious starch food like bread, rice, pasta, there're some food that contains starch but you may not notice, like:

bread crumbed deep fried chicken: the deep fried crumb is actually full of starch and sugar. you can eat deep fried food without the crumbed surface.

tempura: same reason as above.

dumplings: the pastry is made of starch.

japanese omlette/octopus balls: they contain starch.

anything with a starchy sauce: not a lot but it still contain starch.

sauce with high sugar content: sweet soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, some salad dressing.

high starch vegetables: potatos, sweet potatos, soy products. soy has a carbohydrate content of 30g in every 100g, even higher than potatos!

食物方面, 除了明顯的粥粉麵飯和甜品外, 有好多"夾在食物裡面的澱粉質和糖", 都要注意, 例如:

- 沾了炸粉/麵包糠的炸雞: 表面上主角是雞肉, 但炸粉/麵包糠也是澱粉質, 而且通常加了好多糖, 沒有炸粉的炸雞原則上係可以食的.

- 吉列豬扒/天婦羅: 同上. 煎豬扒或炸的也是無問題.

- 餃子: 餃子皮也是麵粉.

- 廣島燒/燒八爪魚丸: 粉漿裡也有麵粉的.

- 打了芡的東西: 芡也是麵粉/粟粉.

- 高糖份的醬汁: 例如甜豉油汁、照燒雞汁, 某些沙律醬汁.

- 高澱粉質的蔬菜: 例如薯仔(土豆), 甜薯, 豆、豆類製品. 豆的碳水化合物量是每100克有30克, 比薯仔的19克還要高好多!


you can still eat steak, pork chop, cooked in any ways. it's a really good method to lose weight especially when you don't have to cut down the amount of meat you eat.

you can drink almost all sorts of diet drink. the diet in drinks usually means it's sugar free.

will keep posting what you can eat in this grapefruit diet. tonight would probably cook fish. cooked steak last night but didn't take pictures. the night before cooked tomato garlic chicken steak. will post them up, eventually.

你仲可以食牛扒, 雞扒, 豬扒, 而且是任何煮法, 眾多偏食減肥法之中, 西柚算係好好的!

而且你也可以飲幾乎所有健怡飲品, 飲品中的"健怡", 通常是指無糖份的!

會再同大家分享西柚減肥法也能吃的, 今晚應該會煮魚, 昨晚煮了牛扒但無影相, 前晚煮了蕃茄蒜蓉雞扒, 會同大家分享的, 有朝一日總會的.

working on a sugar free, starch free, and fruit free dessert. what the hell can i eat?..

也在極力研究無糖、無麵粉, 無生果的甜品, 到底仲可以食咩呢?..

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