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It's really easy.




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On this grapefruit diet i haven't been eating starch nor sugar for 10 days now. really going crazy. i'm REALLY craving for desserts.

在此葡萄柚飲食沒有澱粉10天了。真的瘋了。我真的很渴望甜品<-- Google translate 谷歌翻譯 hahahaha


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Two pictures above are both the same salmon. one with sauce and cheese on top and one without. it's up to you how you wanna eat it. the one without sauce is also crispy on the skin so it's good too.

It's diet friendly on this grapefruit diet. if you don't add the salad dressing, it's just a panfried fish with vegetables anyway. so it's relatively healthy.

上圖兩個都是同一個三文魚來的, 一個有汁一個無汁, 你喜歡點食都可. 無汁的那個魚皮也是煎脆了的, 所以也是很好食!


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I'm assuming everyone's busy during the week. so i try to share simple dishes on weekdays. this Korean bbq beef dish is really easy. basically you just need to get a jar of bbq beef marinade, some meat. and cook them.

通常weekday個個要返工, 都唔得閒煮太繁複的送架喇. 所以, 今次就整一個超容易的, 基本上, 就係買一支醃醬, 直接放肉去煮就可以了, 可以話不能夠再簡單!

 Ingredients and methods



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Haven’t been posting for almost a week other than the one for the 1989 Tiananmen Square. I apologize to anyone that has been waiting. And here now we are for the food. This time, lemongrass pork chop.

This is a pretty easy dish, just have to get lemongrass. I’ve tried some jar ones soaked in liquid, but that doesn’t really taste much like the real one we used this time.

好耐無見, 除了上星期六四紀念日出了幅圖寫了幾隻字之外, 差不多有一星期無見. 不好意思要大家久等, 怪就怪那些坦克啦. 今集是香茅豬扒. 其實好容易整的, 醃肉, 然後拿去煮就係喇. 最重要是買到新鮮香茅. 試過一些樽裝的香茅, 香味跟新鮮的比差遠.

 Ingredients are simple too :


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The "hat" means the fried egg on top.  when you order it in the restaurant, you can say "xxx rice with hat" instead of with egg. of course not all of them. preferably restaurants in Hong Kong, if you try it in other places other than Hong Kong I'm not sure but they might actually give you a real hat, especially tropical countries. No offence but i really see a lot of them wearing straw hats..

This minced pork dish is certainly a good and easy and good value meal. ideal food to cook when you just want to sit back and relax and not doing the cooking work all day. Great for a Wednesday (yeah that's why this is posted today let's make it easy).

"帽" 其實係指頂頭的煎蛋. 下次去餐廳點飯時可以點"乜乜物物飯加頂帽". 但最好係香港的餐廳度試, 其他國家的餐廳我唔肯定佢地明唔明你講咩, 有可能會真係俾頂帽你, 尤其係熱帶國家的餐廳, 唔知點解我成日見佢地戴草帽..

言歸正傳, 呢個飯真係好易煮, 最岩一個繁忙的工作日放工後"hea煮". 之所以呢個飯在星期三出版囉!


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Tiramisu - literally means "pick me up". how "romantic", a dessert has something to do with picking up chicks/guys. yeah it's from one of the romantic nations Italy.

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert with a specific soft sweet cheese "Mascarpone". it's layered with coffee & alcohol mixture dipped biscuits and mascarpone & cream mixture. it shouldn't be too hard if you have the right tools and a good teacher, which is this blog.

Tiramisu 係一個好出名的芝士糕甜品. 主要材料是 Mascarpone 這種芝士. 這種芝士是其實一種甜的芝士, 與 車打芝士, 薄餅芝士等鹹芝士不同, 主要就是要來造甜品. 也有人放進薄餅或意粉來增加幼滑感的. 這個芝士蛋糕, 另一個材料就是浸了咖啡和酒的餅乾. 成品就是芝士及餅乾, 夾層出來的.

它的原意大利文, 意思其實是類似 "來溝我吧" 咁樣的. 食甜品可以食到咁... 真係意大利人先做得出.


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one good thing about making your own pizza, you can add whatever you like on it, not limited only to the menu . jack daniels, bacon strips, bacon strips, bacon strips!

there're many different ways to make pizza. and sure there are some authentic ones. but most of our readers aren't italians. here we're gonna introduce "making it the way you like". not sure if it's authentic, but sure it's delightful!

one way to do it, is to make everything from scratch, including the pizza base, excluding the oven. another way to do it (the way we chose) is to buy the pizza base, and top everything you want.

don't worry about "buying the pizza base isn't really cooking", you don't have to grow your own cow to cook a steak. you're still buying a piece of steak and heat it up. there's no much difference.


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This sponge cake might look a bit weird in green, but it tastes really good. it's from a kinda of green leaf called Pandan which has a naturally sweet and very nice dessert flavor. and it's originally from Malay.

and of course the recipe involves pandan. it's really hard to find pandan leaves. so we use pandan essense. it looks like this:




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Looks very asian doesn't it? that's because it is. we've been introducing lots of authentic Chinese dishes. but this one, is JAPANESE. and it's great. because everything japanese is just GREAT.

that's what all chinese think .

It's not really a "recipe". it's more like an idea for your dinner tonight. enjoy it!



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It's a very nice tropical dessert. you can either serve it chilled or warm.


sago and coconut cream. you need a mango and sugar too.


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it looks very professional doesn't it? it's actually not hard to make .

Here's the recipe.




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we make microwave recipe or easy recipe because we want to make it easy. don't worry about translating the chinese below. it's too clumsy.

微波爐食譜的重點係快而易, 所需材料器具隨手可得. 好多人食完飯想食甜品果陣, 冰箱來來去去都係得果幾款, 唔係雪糕就雪條, 要焗既野就動輒整成個鐘, 整得黎, 都夠鐘起身返工啦. 今次呢個微波爐杯裝朱古力蛋糕食譜, 只需5分鐘就有新鮮出爐甜品食, 殺傷力比拿你命3000有過之而無不及, 請大家彈遠的, 遠的, 再遠的.



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This time we jump straight to the point.

今次我地唔講廢話, 直入正題.



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it's tasty and easy to make. i suggest you not to look at the nutrition info, esp the item "fat" .
其實真係好易整, 但勸大家千祈唔好睇個營養成份表, 尤其係個脂肪果欄 .


vanilla essence and eggs


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Cantonese BBQ is one of the most challenging cuisine. as it's so easy and cheap to buy from the shops, no one really makes it at home. and that's what we're trying to challenge this time .

一直覺得廣東菜最高難度之一既菜式就係燒味, 試問有邊個香港人, 會無端白事走去自己燒叉燒呢? 正因為咁, 我無辦法唔去挑戰下佢 .


要整出靚既燒肉, 就要揀豬既腩肉, 即係圖中橙色既部份, 近胸半肥瘦或者五花腩更好.


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Previously on Authentic Hong Kong Pineapple Bun, we made the normal size ones. This time we make the mini. fermentation time is exactly the same as the big ones. the only difference is the cooking time.

承接上回 正宗香港菠蘿包 劇情, 無咩大分別, 只係分量同埋焗既時間有少少唔同而己, 發酵時間完全無變.

可以放係蛋糕仔焗盤裡面發酵, 方便保持形狀之餘, 仲可以睇住佢大 .

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Well, it is hard to not know this if you grow up in Hong Kong.

We have fresh made bakery products every couple of hours a day, and they're usually within 5 mins walking distance. In here, we have ONE shop in the city center of the town. It's also the ONLY Hong Kong bakery in town I know. And actually that's why we're making it now ....

如果你係香港大的話, 你無可能唔知咩係菠蘿包. 香港既菠蘿包, 係每隔幾個鐘就有新鮮出爐. 可惜呢度要專程渣架車出市中心, 先至得一間港式麵包舖咁大把, 仲要叫做麗晶餅店, 好似九流賓館咁既名. 亦因為咁, 所以我先要躝去自己整 ....


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