Haven’t been posting for almost a week other than the one for the 1989 Tiananmen Square. I apologize to anyone that has been waiting. And here now we are for the food. This time, lemongrass pork chop.

This is a pretty easy dish, just have to get lemongrass. I’ve tried some jar ones soaked in liquid, but that doesn’t really taste much like the real one we used this time.

好耐無見, 除了上星期六四紀念日出了幅圖寫了幾隻字之外, 差不多有一星期無見. 不好意思要大家久等, 怪就怪那些坦克啦. 今集是香茅豬扒. 其實好容易整的, 醃肉, 然後拿去煮就係喇. 最重要是買到新鮮香茅. 試過一些樽裝的香茅, 香味跟新鮮的比差遠.

 Ingredients are simple too :


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