Cantonese BBQ is one of the most challenging cuisine. as it's so easy and cheap to buy from the shops, no one really makes it at home. and that's what we're trying to challenge this time .

一直覺得廣東菜最高難度之一既菜式就係燒味, 試問有邊個香港人, 會無端白事走去自己燒叉燒呢? 正因為咁, 我無辦法唔去挑戰下佢 .


要整出靚既燒肉, 就要揀豬既腩肉, 即係圖中橙色既部份, 近胸半肥瘦或者五花腩更好.


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Previously on Authentic Hong Kong Pineapple Bun, we made the normal size ones. This time we make the mini. fermentation time is exactly the same as the big ones. the only difference is the cooking time.

承接上回 正宗香港菠蘿包 劇情, 無咩大分別, 只係分量同埋焗既時間有少少唔同而己, 發酵時間完全無變.

可以放係蛋糕仔焗盤裡面發酵, 方便保持形狀之餘, 仲可以睇住佢大 .

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Well, it is hard to not know this if you grow up in Hong Kong.

We have fresh made bakery products every couple of hours a day, and they're usually within 5 mins walking distance. In here, we have ONE shop in the city center of the town. It's also the ONLY Hong Kong bakery in town I know. And actually that's why we're making it now ....

如果你係香港大的話, 你無可能唔知咩係菠蘿包. 香港既菠蘿包, 係每隔幾個鐘就有新鮮出爐. 可惜呢度要專程渣架車出市中心, 先至得一間港式麵包舖咁大把, 仲要叫做麗晶餅店, 好似九流賓館咁既名. 亦因為咁, 所以我先要躝去自己整 ....


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Today this blog is officially named as << Cooky's Lab >>.

是日, 本部落正式命名為 [ 煮廚 ] .



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